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Chess & Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving academic performance and building self-esteem by expanding Chess education for elementary and middle school kids. The Chess & Kids' philosophy is that Chess helps students develop important life skills that are useful both inside and outside the classroom. These skills include planning, goal setting, spatial awareness, sportsmanship, critical thinking, and more. The goal of Chess & Kids is to build champions in the classroom and the community.


Chess & Kids alumni will: 


  • Be analytic thinkers 

  • Be motivated learners 

  • Be critical problem solvers 

  • Think before they move 

  • Take pride in their accomplishments 

  • Be graceful winners AND losers

The Chess & Kids views chess as a valuable educational tool. Chess teaches students important developmental skills like planning, goal setting, spatial awareness, sportsmanship, critical thinking and more, all delivered through a fun and engaging game!


But these skills go beyond just the classroom. Through chess, students learn to become better decision makers. Our goal is to build champions in the classroom, and the community.



The Tournament Program offers 30+ chess tournaments throughout the academic year, each of which draws between 400 and 600 players from kindergarten through high school.   Chess & Kids organizes and directs all the tournaments including registering participants, providing supplies, preparing the venue, organizing competition, scoring, oversight, and presenting awards.  Many of our students say that competition is their favorite part of our programs. It gives them an opportunity to test and showcase their skills in front of teachers, peers, and parents.

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info@chesskid.org \\ Tel: 617-454-4119


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