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Chess and Kids views chess as a valuable educational tool. Chess teaches students important developmental and critical thinking skills like planning, pattern recognition, calculating abilities, visualisation, sportsmanship, and more, all delivered through a fun and engaging game!


But these skills go beyond just the classroom. Through chess, students learn to become better decision makers, learning how to set goals and think ahead. Our goal is to build champions in the classroom, and the community.


The first nonprofit organization of its kind in Massachusetts,

Chess and Kids provides an intellectually stimulating platform

to children of all ages and income levels, with the goal of using

chess as a tool to help move young people to excel academically

and go on to college.

A highly qualified Chess and Kids instructor can work with your school to develop a curriculum-based chess program or to organize an after-school chess club.


At the heart of all Chess and Kids programming is the chess instruction. The School Program teaches chess to students in elementary and middle schools as part of their academic school day.


For many kids, chess could be the answer to improving behavioral, emotional, and learning challenges. Children of all ages enjoy challenging their friends and classmates during lessons and in tournaments that Chess and Kids organizes.




Chess and Kids wants to get the game of chess into as many schools as possible, either as a part of the curriculum or an after-school activity.

A representative from Chess and Kids would welcome the opportunity to visit your school to speak with administrators or teachers interested in bringing the game to their students.



A "Chess School"


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